Fried Fridays Feelings

Hi Brooke,

I am doing my review of yesterday’s dominant feeling(s) and why. Yesterday was a Friday. I have observed over the years that my mind and energy level are very good on Mondays, but by Friday, I am cooked! I find a similar pattern on a daily basis – mornings are productive, but by late afternoon, I slow down. So you can imagine Friday afternoons! Of course I plan around this, but sometimes something big comes up (Management wants something “yesterday”, an issue pops up with my team or I have a particularly challenging week).

On heavier weeks, the feelings I experience tend to be mental exhaustion and if I am not manage my mind well enough, overwhelm and confusion. My strategy is to not pay too much credence to my thoughts and allow the feelings when they come. As an example, when I explore why I am feeling confusion or overwhelm, my cortex seems to override with a sentence like “let this marinate over the weekend”. In other words, I consider my **state** before taking any decision or taking action and I am less inclined to explore my thoughts because they are error prone if you know what I mean.

Can you please comment on one’s state and thought management?

As always thank you for your amazing insights and teachings,