friend has left her family

a friend of mine whose husband has refused to be intimate with her for many years and won’t get help for it has left the family home. The relationship with her 17 and 15 year old girls is now fraught and she became suicidal and is now on anti psychotics and anti depressants even though she has never had a mental illness in the past. I guess my problem is trying to support her as a friend. I think she would be better off accepting her husband as he is and have her not take the meaning that there is something wrong with her from his behaviour and be around to parent her daughters as she’d always been a great mother. I don’t like her being on medication and her counsellor seems to be playing into “her husband has been abusive” and looking at other incidents in her past to look at her present situation. She has a good job and is very intelligent. how can I best help her. She recoils from any suggestion of returning to the family home because she is so glad to get away from him but she is so miserable!