Friend obligation circumstance clarity

I’ve been home for the holidays and whenever I’m at home I feel I have to see everyone I know and do all the things when I just want to rest and feel excited about seeing people rather than obligated. I put a model below, and I think it’s okay but I have a hard time with the C line. I want to rush thru and get to the thought so I always put “I’m at home” or something mundane there to get the model finished in a shorter amount of time. Here’s my example and maybe it works or I want to know if my C is accurate.

C- at childhood home
T- My friends need me so I can’t rest
F- stressed
A- answer texts when anyone texts me, change work schedule to see friends, also avoid messages from friends, but ultimately say yes to everything
R- I need others so I can’t rest OR I don’t allow myself to rest because I need others

C- at childhood home
T- my friends are excited to see me because they like me, not because they need me
F- love
A- say no when I don’t want to do things, feel good about my visit rather than stressed,
R- i’m excited to visit and I like spending time with them

I’m not sure my IM is quite right either, maybe because my C isn’t clear.