Friend treating animal poorly

I need some help in understanding how to think or choose my thoughts about a circumstance that I believe to be bad (I know it’s neutral).

Circumstance: Person (my close friend, but trying to keep that out of the C) raises her voice at her dog when the dog pulls the leash. She then proceeded to put the leash around the dog’s stomach before continuing the walk.

I have all kinds of thoughts about this… Among them “this is animal abuse”, “your dog doesn’t deserve to be in pain”, “screaming at the dog and making it painful for her to walk is not going to make the situation better”, “she is pulling the leash to get away from you ’cause you are using violence towards her”, “I know what is best for your dog and you should ask me for advice”.

How can we navigate thoughts where we think something is really wrong but we, of course, can’t control the other person? I know hitting children is illegal in many places so it’s not really a fair comparison, but if you see someone treat a dog or child really poorly… how do I manage my thoughts about that? I want to continue believing it is wrong but the thought doesn’t exactly serve me in any way.

Yes I’m judging her, yes I might have a manual for her, but when it comes to innocent animals, how can we just manage our thoughts? Not one single cell in my body believes that physical pain and violence is necessary or fair to use when an animal is not behaving as you want it to behave. So I can’t “bridge my thoughts” to something neutral like “she knows what’s best for her”.

Any help to get a new perspective on this would be greatly appreciated!