Friend vulnerability

I’d love help with my models, please.

Unintentional model
C: My friend leaves me messages about the accomplishments of his other friends.
T: He doesn’t respect what I’ve accomplished or what I’m doing.
F: Hurt.
A: I start to distance myself from him. I spend a lot of time self-coaching on whether our friendship is true or more one-sided. I spend time and energy validating my own accomplishments from a place of defensiveness. I beat myself up for making my reaction about me instead of feeling confident in my own worth
R: From my actions, I create a whole story that keeps me feeling hurt and defensive. Maybe I don’t respect what I’ve accomplished or what I’m doing….?

This feels clunky. I think I need help fine tuning the entire model.

Once I clean this one up, I’ll move on to the intentional model.

Thanks so much.