So, i was invited to dinner at my friends house.
And we had a great time.
She is engaged since a year and i helped her with different things and get ideas for the wedding
Then we had a small fight concerning me not going to her birthdaybash and i totally understand that she was mad. We solved the issue
But now she leaves me out of things.
At the dinner she said that shes going to look for bride dresses with her friends.
That hurt so much!! So i did a model:

C: she said: i’m going to look for bride dresses with my friends
T: she doesnt love me, she doesnt want me to included in the wedding planning
F: hurt, sad, left out
A: trying not to act hurt, act offended, resentful, sometimes ,needy
R: not having a good friendship with her

Trying to make an intentional model but these thought seem to crush my new thoughts:
If she really wanted me included, she would have asked
And it showes love if she asks me

Also i’m thinking about talking about it with her.
Just saying that i was sad when she said that.
I know i’m making my own feeling but i cant help it!!

Also, i could try and believe: she didnt do it on purpose. But what if her thoughts were: i don’t want her involved with the wedding planing. Then with choosing the thought ans giving her the benefit of the doubt i would loose touch with the reality and i dont want that. How cna i find the balance? I want to think positive but also want to include the real thoughts of the other person.

Thanks for your concrete suggestions