Friends and Friendship

I love my friends and want to be a good one. I wish you would do a class just on Friends and friendships and your approach. I get the no drama, love and acceptance part. Sometimes, hearing people spin stories as an excuse to drink and overeat gets boring. For example, my lovely neighbor will call me 100 times a day to tell me, her lipstick is missing, the latest news story that is causing her to panic and believe the world is coming to the end , her phone is broken and on and on. Sometimes, I think friendships require me to be either small and subservient or being a dumping ground for their negative thoughts and fears. I think I never learned how to do this correctly as a child.

How do you handle the chronic dumping, blaming and the non stop calling?

When I create a boundary for myself and say, I can only talk at night because I work during the day people get upset and offended and the relationship is damaged. This is the pattern of my life. It would be nice to solve this problem because sometimes I think it is better to be alone than having this type of relationship.

Thank you!