Friends who UNFOLLOW

I know this is petty. But, I figure I wanted to ask since my brain keeps offering me up this scenario. One of my good friends is a customer of mine (I do fitness coaching). I have an online accountability group on Facebook.

Out of nowhere, she left the group and also unfollowed me on Instagram and muted my stories. Before this, she was someone who watched my stories daily, which is why I thought that this sudden change was a little strange. I tried to let it go, she isn’t required to follow me of course. But then my brain would be like “but she’s your friend. She has always followed you. Why leave the group without mentioning why she is leaving to you? You’re close enough to where she can talk to you about any concerns?”

So, I decided to just ask her. “Why did you leave the group?”

She said “Oh I’m just trying to eliminate extra stuff with social media.” 🙄 lol. The reason I say I’m laughing is I know this isn’t the case because she is online pretty much allll day. It’s like people don’t realize the apps show activity haha.

So not sure what else to do here ? I know I probably just need to let it go, but it feels awkward now when I see her. Because my brain tells me I must have offended her somehow ? Or there is something about me that bothers her enough to where she didn’t want to “see me” on her feed. If it was an acquaintance, I wouldn’t care. But I can’t shrug it off that it’s a good friend.

Thanks in advance for any advice on this!