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I have a friend that I like, and it seems that we were becoming good friends. Then, she asked me some biz feedback and I gave my honest point of view. She never replied and then she has been not answering any of my texts.

The Model becomes a bit of a teenager:

C: Texts to friend that are not answered
T: I have done something wrong
F: Annoyed
A: I ruminate, reanalyse what I have said, I think that its bit ridiculous, remind myself that I am not a teen and people are all different and maybe that’s the way this person thinks it’s OK to act, I send another text
R: I am doing everything wrong? (This R does not make sense, as there is no wrong way or right way..)

The question thus becomes how best approach the situation? At the end I would like to continue being friends, I would like to feel cool about the fact that the person can go off the grid when they please.