Friendship (BL)

I have a friend who has been struggling with her job and other life events for a couple of years now. Every time i talk to her, she is miserable. (She is the first person i am focusing on this month!) I have lots of judgmental thoughts about her – that she should take better care of herself, take responsibility for her own happiness, etc. Many of them are projections. Still, in the moment I often don’t know how to respond. Do I commiserate (“that sucks!”)? Sometimes I want to try to coach her or help her see things in a different perspective. Or I feel guilty for telling her how amazing things are with me. An interesting thought came out in my download this morning – that she often is jealous of what I have, but without doing the work that I’ve done. Anyway, my main question is about how I respond when she is complaining about the same situation over and over. I know this will have to do with how I choose to think and feel but I’m feeling a little stuck.