Friendship changes and feeling disconnected

I have been on this journey of changing myself and my life and my business. I have been coached by Life Coach School coaches and I am in the process of working as a Life Coach. And in doing this, I find the friends that I once had, are not really the connections that work right now for me.

I understand that we change and our lives change and our friendships change. But currently, in this time of uncertainty, I find I really want some close friends to share this with. And I do have a few that could become that. And while it might be more difficult to nurture that, that it’s possible.

But in the mean time, I find myself obsessing over groups of friends that I simply am not clicking with. Either we connect and it’s awkward or I find myself judging our interactions and feeling like I can never just be myself. I’m so hobbled by what these friends think – even though logically I realize that it’s ok to grow apart.

For instance, I have a close friend who I normally talk to every day during the week. Since this whole drama, I only talk to her if I call her. She does not ever call me. So we could go weeks without talking. And it hurts that this is happening.

I’m aware that I am stuck in my own drama. Rather than focusing on friendships that are growing and nurturing, I am focusing on friendships that could be falling away. And I want to let go and at the same time cannot 🙁