Friendship Competition Help

I have a close friend who is secretly competitive. For example, we play tennis together and she acts as if she doesn’t care about winning. But she clearly cares about winning. I, on the other hand, do care about winning and I don’t hide that I care about winning (everyone knows that I want to win).

She constantly makes comments about my competitive nature, but she is just as competitive… and it’s more annoying because she’s pretending like she’s not. Ha. We play with a pretty large group of friends, but I find myself feeling ultra competitive with her especially. I feel like she’s getting on my nerves and when I show up to play tennis all I can think about is wanting to beat her, instead of just focusing on playing the game. It may be in my head, but I feel like I play much better when she is not there. How do I re-direct my attention especially when she is making specific comments about my “competitive nature?”