From albatross to ?

I’m working on a long project (dissertation) that I often think of and refer to as “my albatross”. That thought immediately leads to heavy, depressed feelings that I offer buffer these emotions which procrastinates my work and completion. I’m practicing different thoughts but haven’t found something that sticks.
I can shift into watcher mode and really see humor in how I’m thinking (mental image with the albatross), but then I ask what thought will get me to finish or at least get to work? It still a white nuckle battle… my thought is get this to advisor or die!! So I go into stress mode. I’ve tried the “I’m becoming a person who honors commitments” but it feels flat & I look for evidence that it’s not true.
I also think that I can’t get to a good feeling, so I’m going for I’m committed to working on this and it may suck but that’s ok. I will keep trying on thoughts, but appreciate any more suggestions.