From resistance to trust

Hi dear Brooke!
Thank you so much for your previous answer!
I’ve noticed a pattern but don’t know what to make of it. I first noticed it in my husband of course (so much easier to spot it in somebody else): he’s offered to build my website and I’m very grateful to him for doing so. I draw up a list of the things he needed to do, actions I don’t know anything about. In the meantime, I was dealing with writing my podcast’s episodes and creating my logo… Guess what happened?! I found my husband looking for a logo and complaining he wouldn’t have enough time to do everything?!
Now come to think of it, I’m doing exactly the same thing: I read the instructions of October’s homework and I can feel this resistance in my head all the time (even though I love the idea of getting my house organized). It starts with the specific places you mention on page 29 because I haven’t got a car and all of a sudden I go to that “special case” you advise us against – “Brooke can’t know my situation exactly.” So I understand your instructions but I’m just not willing to cooperate. Well, of course I’m not going to buy a car just to do the homework but you see what I mean – I always think I know better than you do and think myself “very clever” for tweaking it to what I think are my needs…
Since I’m a teacher, I can imagine this resistance in my students and I can see the results of it in their work. When I give them instructions, they don’t always follow them and of course, then their progress is not what it could have been.
So I’m at the point where I understand intellectually what’s happening (or so I think) but then… what next?
How can I go all in without trying to adapt the instruction to my “ever so special” case?
How can I make others like my husband, children and students completely trust and follow my instructions?
I’m thinking of that phrase you keep saying “giving results ahead of time”. I’m also pondering the fact that “people do whatever they want” and that you shouldn’t expect people to do what you advise them to do. Then what?
Have a great Sunday!