From “should” to “want”

Hi Brooke,

I’m realizing that I’ve been living life lately under the pressure of “should” for just about everything. I’d like to have a thought makeover where all my “shoulds” become “wants”, and then decide which I really want and which can be dropped. How do you suggest I do this? I don’t even know most of the time that I tell myself that I should, but my rebellion against my own dictator has transformed into inaction of late, so it must be happening behind the scenes!! I’ve heard you talk about this on your podcast, when you realized that you didn’t “have to” look after your kids, but you chose to. How do I get to a place where everything I do is a conscious choice because I want to do it? I would love to have a daily practice around this. (OMG – did I just write a “want”?? lol)

That Medical Student
(credit to “That Screenwriter” for her signature style – your ask Brooke questions/posts always inspired me, and now I am emulating you 🙂 )