Hi coaches
I had around 6 applications for my coaching this week. I responded to them with a link to schedule in a free 30 minute discovery call.
I didn’t get one response back and thought it was strange. Because a lot of them marked on the form to please contact them ASAP as this is a real priority to them.

I finally figured out that my emails were going to SPAM/junk! So i decided to make a new email address, and send out messages off there. recently someone told me that they haven’t been getting my mails. Once again I see that it is marked as ‘junk’.

I’m feeling so frustrated because now I feel like I have no other way to contact these applicants despite email.I have updated the form to say PLEASE check your spam folder, but feel like the damage has been done.

I feel like clients are waiting to hear back from me, and now im not sure if I should send out another email using a different address as I don’t want it to seem ‘spammy’.