I am the Administrator of a medical practice. I already know the answer as I type this, because it is clearly my thinking and my manuals that are making me miserable at work. I want my boss to be different than he is. Not likely to happen, though I try to make him change,and have been doing so to no avail for 9 years, LOL. He makes major decisions without me,then I’m left to usually clean up the mess. I’m finally realizing this isn’t going to change and if I want to stay working here, that I need to change my thinking because bitching and moaning isn’t serving me. I make over 100k doing this job, and I have great benefits, I really like my boss and I don’t even think I want to leave.

I’ve come up with these two models:
C Work
T I am sick and tired of the way it is here
F Pissed off
A Tell everyone and their mother, look for evidence my “rightness”
R I find evidence of why I hate this job

C Work
T I can create a great experience of this job with my thinking
F Empowered
A Be more deliberate and less reactive
R I create an experience of this job that serves me and and allows me to enjoy it again