Frustrated by busy-work

I’m doing a completely BS online training “compliance” for my job. I work in medical sales, and we have to stay “compliant”, and even though my work has absolutely nothing to do with this training (Global trade agreements? Wtf), I have to spend a whole bunch of time completing them so that the company that I don’t even like can cover their butts and look like a responsible organization with values and stuff (vomit).

I’m EXTREMELY frustrated by this. I’m trying to figure out the thought that is driving my frustration.

C Online modules
T This is a huge waste of time – it is below me. I shouldn’t have to do this. This is a waste of my life. I hate this company and their BS persona. I resent having to do this, I’m busy enough, I don’t want to have to make time to do this stupid, pointless busy work. I really hate this company. I hate how they try to look like they’re diverse (they’re not) and how they try to pretend they care about us (they don’t). I think they are a money hungry, disgusting corporation just like all the other ones who care about absolutely nothing other than profiting the people at the top. They don’t give a F about me or anyone else, they are liars, and they make me sick.
F Resentful
A Try to power through these modules as fast as possible, don’t read them, guess the answers, I get very frustrated and angry, complain about it to coworkers

Well, I guess I have to narrow down the thought, here, in order to find the Result. There’s something about just feeling hatred toward corporations and how I think they are all self-serving liars manipulating us and profiting off the insecurities they created in us. It INFURIATES me.

C Online modules
T This company is a disgusting liar, just like all the other disgusting lying corporations
F Resentment
A Complain to coworkers, try to finish the modules fast, immerse myself in hateful energy

I really don’t know my result here. I’m trying to think of the turnarounds, ala Byron Katie.

This company is NOT a disgusting liar
I am a disgusting liar

Hmmmmm…..neither of those really seem to fit. Any help?

I guess I can see that “this company is a disgusting liar” is just a thought, that makes me feel angry.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH. Maybe I’m upset because I am being the “disgusting liar” to myself, by staying at a corporation that I detest so much instead of leaving and starting my coaching business, like I really want.

Well then. Now THAT completely diffused my anger.

How would you then go to an intentional model from here?