Frustrated with an employee

I am a Sr. Director at a cellular company. It is very fast paced and challenging work. I have a new employee and is his team due to a reorganization. He’s a great person, smart, and nice to work with. Here’s the deal, I’m frustrated because I have to keep asking for things that he says he has under control, he owns. He used to work under a Director in his past job and now works directly to me, a Senior Director. Here’s the model of what I am thinking. Please correct my model.

C: J works for me as the operations Senior Manager.
T: As a Senior Manager, I have high expectations of what J will deliver, how, and when. (I won’t go into the real work expected.). I do not see J driving his work but rather saying things like, Oh, yeah I’ll get that to you.
F: I am frustrated.
A: I’m meeting with him to review expectations weekly. I want to see a schedule, playbook, and weekly updates.
R: J take accountability of these items in words, but not actions.

Am I using the model properly?