Frustrated with failing at Monday Hour One

This is the third week I’ve been attempting to follow through with Monday Hour One but I’m at a point where I’m so frustrated. I do the todo download, get everything on the calendar, and then when it comes time to follow through, I don’t.

Either I take longer to do a todo than I planned for
Or I don’t wake up the time I planned to
Or something happens that gets to me emotionally (ex: upset about something that happened or working emotions brought up during a coaching session) and I can’t focus
Or I have to shift my schedule because something came up

There’s always something. I feel like no matter how hard I try, no matter how much I take note of what didn’t work and adjust for the next day, I just can’t stick with the schedule. I feel defeated because I’m on my third week and don’t feel like I’m doing any better than when I first started. And I feel like I’ll never be able to plan out my week and actually stick to it. And because of that, I feel like I’ll never achieve my impossible goal because focus time keeps getting pushed off the calendar.

I know those are all feelings, and feelings come from my thoughts. But even when I tell myself more positive things, it’s not getting me the result I want. For example, in the morning when my alarm goes off and my brain tells me to stay in bed, I think “I hear you, but we’re doing this anyway” & “I’m in charge of my body and I want to get up.” But I still can’t bring myself to get out of bed!

And when I say it’s going to take me an hour to do something, say an outline for an article I’m writing for a client, I’ll get started and tell myself “The most important thing right now is to finish within the time frame.” I take the actions; I keep an eye on the clock, I cut out all distractions, I don’t linger on any one part of the task, I focus on what I’m doing, I get out B- work. But, I still don’t finish on time! Sometimes it takes me 2-3 times as long as I predicted. And it’s the same when I’m actually writing the article and when I’m reviewing/editing it later.

I’m so frustrated because Brooke says:
“Time is in your mind”
“Time is what you decide it is”
“Something takes as long as you decide it will take”
“We don’t manage time – we manage ourselves in relation to time.”

But I can’t get my results to reflect this.

Please help!