Frustrated with myself

I’m really frustrated with myself. I’m in a really tricky situation that I would like to leave with my 2-year-old son but until I bring in more income… that can’t be a reality for me.

I have been trying to make money from home for 2 years and I’m frustrated that I have only brought in maybe $500 at the most, in 2 and 1/2 years.

I see so many other moms doing what I want and creating a large income for themselves and the question that comes up is, “what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I simply figure this out?”

I am trying so hard and nothing is happening for me. I have gotten really curious with myself about why it’s not happening for me–I’ve paid loads of money on business coaches and still nothing.

My model is:

C: Goal: Bring in 5k months
T: There has to be something wrong with me since I haven’t created this for myself and my son.
F: Bad
A: Look at the people who are living my dream life, watching their stories constantly and reading their posts, read their offers, barely show up for my businesses
R: Not creating 5k months.

I have to be honest, I honestly don’t believe in myself to create a “successful” business. I have looked at going back to my old full-time work. But after paying for daycare for my son, we wouldn’t have enough to live on.

I’m so stuck and annoyed with myself.