Frustration! BM

Hi there

I have a business deal happening and I am feeling incredibly frustrated, obviously because of the way I am thinking about it. Everything we are doing and planning hinges on a favourable outcome, what schools we can afford to send our kids to, where we live, if we need to move to another city for other business opportunities, whether or not we can afford to go on holiday this year, buy a house, have a Christmas with family in another country. Its so incredibly frustrating as I feel like we are waiting for this deal to happen in the way we want it to so that we can plan our future. I know that I have given 100% to this project without a doubt. I am not sure if I should take the approach of whatever will be will be in terms of the outcome which I have no real control over at the moment and relax about it or keep trying to push the other party into putting a deal on the table, pushing doesn’t work I’ve noticed! Here is my model

C waiting for deal to come through
T why is this taking so long, everything we want to do and plan hinges on this one financial deal, its everything
F Incredibly frustrated
A Keep thinking of anything I can do to speed up the other party and look for new deals in case this one falls through
R sleepless nights, high stress, worry and uncertainty about the future

I want to feel calm and accepting that this deal is out of my hands as I can’t force the other party to cooperate or put a favourable deal on the table for negotiating.

C waiting for deal to come through
T I have given this project 100% this deal may not work but another one will
F patient, in control, accepting
A go about my business and work hard to get multiple deals on the table in case the current one falls over
R get the best deal ever

Would appreciate your thoughts, thank you BM