Frustration tied to victim mentality

I am reading How to live a better life and it is resonating so much with me and the work I have been doing since joining scholars.
for some reason I can not let go of my frustrations while walking my dogs. I LOVE my dogs. I have two forever rescues and often have a foster dog as rescue and fostering is one of my beloved causes. Currently I have a foster that turned out to be pregnant and three weeks ago I helped deliver her nine puppies. I find so much joy in my dogs and my fosters but my two dogs are terrible on a leash ( and off a leash really) but I live in the city so a leash is necessary for their safety. They cross behind me and pull in separate directions, they refuse to walk down certain streets, they lunge at bicycles, runners and other dogs. I know they need training and we are working on it. Their circumstances prior to coming to me, as adult dogs, means training takes a bit more time. Also, adding fosters in periodically adds to the challenge. Finally, I spoil them and very rarely discipline. The truth is, while I do and will continue to work with them on the safety portions (lunging at others) I would rather just let them be them and not feel frustrated. Since reading the book I think I am experiencing frustration through victim-hood. Besides awareness and loving them unconditionally, which I do, how can I move forward without this horrible feeling of frustration?
C-Walking dogs
T-They are terrible on walks
A- ask angrily, to self, why are y’all so terrible on walks. say out loud “y’all are the worst at walks” hate walking them but do it anyway because I love them and they love walks.
R-I am terrible on their walks