Frustration with scheduling…

September is my first month with SCS, and in typical fashion I started with a bang…
Watched all the videos, picked my 30 day goal, made the list, plugged all the calls into my calendar,
practiced models…and then my work life got in the way, and off the rails I went. I am an Interior Designer with
high end clientele and despite my best efforts my scheduled days don’t always stay so scheduled. I find that I plan out my week and then someone calls with a “desperate situation” or as my husband calls them “wallpaper emergencies” and I’m running around like a crazy person trying to satisfy everyone. This leaves me frantic, behind on the things that were actually scheduled and frustrated!

My 30 day goal is to re-paint my office, install new carpet and go through all of the crap I have accumulated from client jobs over the years. Time is ticking away and my goal is slowly slipping away from me and I’m pissed! My office is a disaster and I’m always making excuses to clients about the disarray because I don’t want them to question why they should give me large sums of money to coordinate their projects if I can’t even organize
1700 sq feet of office space.

I start out with such enthusiasm and then fizzle out…its my pattern of doom. HELP!