Frustration with thoughts on time mangement / impossible goal

Firstly wow. I am so in love with this work. Every day and in every area of my life I examine my thoughts newly and see life changing shifts. It’s been mind blowing. Thank you so much for this framework, the model, and the amazing homework you and your team put together.

So I have consistently been struggling with time management and focus. So far I have had two one on one coaching sessions on it, where I had the homework to come up with plans to deal with the “things” that come up and disrupt my schedule.

I studied and applied the throw away the to do list video. I scheduled my calendar. My to do list was / is longer than I can fit into my calendar. I attempted to efficiently plan it out, get rid of superfluous activities, set time limits on tasks, and give myself grace to get done what gets done in a week. But it always seems to get derailed pretty quickly.

Circumstances in my life are such that my schedule is easily derailed by sick babies, husband’s important business meetings, long commutes in the city with frequent traffic snarls, etc. I get frustrated. Beyond frustrated. I make everyone around me pay for my frustration when my schedule gets derailed. It’s not pleasant. And I dislike being that out of control person. Then I settle down again, examine my thoughts, and always arrive back at the thought “there is a workable solution here. I can figure this out.”

But I feel like I’m in a loop here. I’m desperate to figure this out. I’m interviewing chauffeur services to get my 5 year old to school. I have the thought that this is crazy…life is just too hectic. I’m putting a band aid on the matter if I don’t truly clean up my thoughts.

My dream would be to show other moms who want to leave corporate America to start their own business (like me and you and so many others out there) what is possible by working only 3 days a week (like you). It is my impossible goal. But I’m struggling hard at this. I’m working 6-7 days a week (granted much fewer hours than a corporate job), working through the night (because that’s when i get a chunk of undisturbed time), and generally not getting all that needs to get done done. I often choose between missing deadlines with my clients or not doing what I truly want and what I feel like needs to get done for my family. I have been postulating with my husband if I should just let my business go. He’s all for it. But then…I feel like I would be failing at my impossible goal and will feel some serious regret about not exploring what might have been in my business.

C: I have a small business of my own and a business with my husband.
T: life is just too hectic.
F: frazzled
A: run around hurried, rush others, don’t work efficiently, don’t get all the things done I had planned for the day.
R: the already long to do list grows, more things turn into emergency to do’s, I am just putting out fires.

C: I have a small business of my own and a business with my husband.
T: while there’s a lot to do when setting up a new business, the flexibility of entrepreneurship is the most amazing thing, a dream come true. {totally true, 100% all in on this}
F: gratitude
A: serve my clients and family as best as I can and be happy with the work I am able to do in a day. {feels like the right answer on paper but not real life}
R: ?

Can you help with some bridging thoughts or maybe shine some light on thoughts I need to clean up?