Very full full-time

Hi Brooke. I am getting a ton of stuff done this month. I’ve had to do some thought work around being tired. Tired is probably my biggest problematic feeling, but I’ve done well at managing so far. It has brought up a concern though. I work full time and will be in your 2018 coach training. I will have to do both jobs for at least 2019 to get the coaching business going. Between full time job and commute my current job consumes 46 hours/week M-F. That does not leave a lot for the new business and still have time to rest and have family time. I’m a little concerned about consistent fatigue becoming a problem. I will have to build the new business up enough before I can quit the current one. There does not appear to be enough time to do both jobs.
I’ve heard you say that we should start with 1on1 coaching, but group coaching would be very helpful. Do you teach us group coaching in class? Why is it unwise to start with groups? Do you have suggestions for those of us who have full time jobs we are trying to transition out of? Getting the same amount of work done in half the time doesn’t cut back the current job nor can you coach clients in half the time. My brain is saying that my goal to switch my career is unrealistic.