fumbling with all your netflix channels!

I am new and still fumbling around all of your Netflix stations and channels… I sadly missed my 10 minute session being coach this month because I made the appointment for October 26 instead of September 26:( I was excited for my session with the hope of getting some kind of personal direction so now I have to wait till next month 🙁
Possibly you can help me as I find no relief in doing these models so I must be doing it wrong of course?!

C: my 85 year old mother is drinking again
T: this time she will certainly kill her self
F: angry …resignation
A: withdraw
R: no relationship with my mother

I can almost see how the result does tie into the thought…. if my thought is true that my mother will kill her self then of course I will have no relationship with my mother when she dies?!

However I do find resistance to change my thought and have any turn around here…. that was always my biggest issue when I did Byron Katie work….. was believing my turnarounds….
So at this point in the scholar program would you simply suggest that I continue to do this with all my thoughts and not be attached to the result of the model work?