Funnels and Coaching

A few weeks ago you coached me on a call and I shared with you I was about to invest a lot of money on launching an online program to help coaches build their funnels.

There was a lot of negativity in my mind at the time and you said to STOP everything until I cleaned it up.

I posted my “homework” after the call on this board. You had asked me to identify all the negative beliefs I have about coaching. And you also mentioned on the call that I needed to find evidence of the successful coaches. So I did and I shared it with you.
In your reply you said:

“Your results are a reflection of what you have believed about YOURSELF and your capability.
You don’t trust yourself so you are looking outside of yourself to find evidence that you can be and create what you want.  You will never find it out there.
You won’t find it in me or in any other successful coach.
You have to find it and believe it in YOU.”

Im confused by your reply in the sense that you asked me to look for evidence of successful coaches and focus on that. When I found it and shared as part of my homework you said that I am looking for evidence outside of myself that I can be and create what I want.

Im finding that contradictory and I’d love your clarification.