Funny Little Story…

When I first joined SCS, I’m glad I had just come back from dinner – having finished off a bottle of wine with my partner. My business was faltering, money was tight – and I knew my partner would flip if he saw the charge. But, being buzzed and defiant, I bought.

Fast forward 6 months – I’m in the process of turning my business around and I see LIGHT! But my partner is still going over every credit card bill and slashing costs. He’s called the cable company, the insurance company… he asks about every charge on the credit card… “What is this?” and “Do we still need this?” Every penny we can cut is being cut.

You know what is NOT being cut? Self-Coaching Scholars. NOT because I’ve said one word about it to him. Not because I campaigned to keep my membership or tried to convince him. The reason it’s never come up amidst all of this cost-cutting is that whenever he asks “How I quit drinking” or “Why I look so skinny” or “Why am I so happy” or “Why are WE so happy” – I just mention “Brooke”. So even during these soon-to-be-short-lived lean times – SCS’s cost hasn’t even come up as a topic of conversation. Because he’s seen the enormous value in the result. Not only for me – but also for him as well.

I just thought it was funny how our cable bill, cell phone, and air conditioning gets complained about – but never SCS. I just thought I’d share. I originally thought the cost was more than I could afford – but it appears that it’s something that neither of us are willing to live without. 🙂