Funny Thought (RG)

As I was doing my thought download and models this morning on Over Drinking the funniest thought came to my mind while filling in the Result to one of my models. I think this might help me and maybe someone else.
“The River of Misery is not something I can’t handle. I know I am a really good swimmer and always have been even when I felt I couldn’t go one more lap. It’s not unbearable pain to get to the other side.” “I have to choose to keep going because think of the alternative.”

Works for me because myw hole life I’ve been a really good swimmer and have felt that feeling of “just a little bit more…you can do it…it’s not a choice to just stop swimming and drown”! I thought this was a pretty good way of thinking about it. If you have had the feeling of being in a swim race or just taking a deep water test as a kid, then you know it feels like your going to die but you don’t!