Future Focus (HR)

I was listening to one of Jody’s calls yesterday and the topic of past focus came up in relation to how someone was thinking about a divorce. I am doing the same thing with my daughter. I need help getting to future focus in that relationship. She just turned 18 and has been addicted to drugs for 4 years. It has recently escalated to much more dangerous drugs. She has over dosed a few times and becomes depressed and suicidal from the drug use and has been hospitalized for that a few times as well. I often find myself feeling angry about different circumstances in her life because I want something to blame the addiction on. It is hard not to blame myself as well because even though I have done everything I can think of to get her help, nothing has worked so far. My current model is:
C: Daughter addicted to Heroin
T: How did this happen?
F: Despair
A: Think about the past looking for a reason so I know how to help her
R: Exhaust myself trying to redirect my thoughts
I need help with a new model. This one is not serving anyone. It keeps me from being able to be there for myself and other loved ones. This situation has helped me to grow in a lot of ways because I have had to learn to find joy in my life no matter what is happening. I have lost 60 pounds, started new hobbies, signed up for life coach certification, and have done well managing my thoughts about her until I figured out the drug use had escalated. Thank you for your help moving forward with a new way to think about this situation.