Future Moments

I like to imagine things that I want to do with my boyfriend when we meet. There are so many things that I want to do with him when we meet for the first time. I imagine us cuddling, getting married, what’s it like living together, and I feel love when I imagine all of that. We even used to have conversations about our future together as in just romantic maybe not serious.

These days he doesn’t want to text me anymore. He doesn’t talk to me like he used to before. I feel like he doesn’t want to have relationship with me anymore or that he lost interest towards me. I love him so much but my brain is telling me that he doesn’t love me and he isn’t serious about all of this.

I feel disappointed because I think all of those future moments I imagined with him might or might not ever happen. I feel so sad because I do want to do things with him.

Do I stop thinking about our future moments together so then I wouldn’t feel disappointed?