Future of My Relationship

When I think about future of my relationship, I feel all these worst case scenarios.

That he would leave me.
That it won’t work out.
That he might love someone else.
He might lose interest towards me.
That he will forget about me.
That he would just lose interest towards me.

It just feels like that could be true because I can never know what the other person might think feel and act. He might decide that he doesn’t want to be with me anymore. He might decide that he doesn’t want this relationship anymore. Or he might just end the relationship for his own reasons which has nothing to do about me.

The reason why I have these thoughts is because of the frequency of communication we have these days, we date long distance, he doesn’t talk like he used to, and then we have dated only 8 months.

I also went to the scenario of yes that could happen. He could choose to leave this relationship.

And I think in that moment, I would feel really devasted. Not because of his actions but because of all these thoughts that I would have when that happen.

Some of my painful thoughts are:
I am not ready to let him go yet.
I can’t believe this relationship that was soo nice before has now come to an end.
I would feel really devasted because all of things we planned and all the things we talked about during our relationship would be all lies.

Maybe I would feel really anger, disgust and disbelief towards him that he would leave this relationship.