FUTURE SELF models and future self relationship


I was wondering where can I find more material on developing a relationship with my future self and setting goals from the future?
I’ve listened to podcast episodes about our future self, and want to learn and apply more of this material.  Could you point me to where can I find more it, if it’s in the Study Vault where can I find it there?

Also, I’m currently setting a money goal, and in my first model about it my goal was in my R-line. So it looked something like this:
C: 250 dollars coming in on my credit card every month since April 2020.
T: I can put anything in my R-line and achieve it.
F: ?
A: ? (I just know it will take massive action, and lots of actions new to my current self)
R: Make $50k by the 1st of December 2021. (preferably most of it through Coaching).

So, about using Future self as a concept and The Model as well, I was wondering, could I put my current wanted R- line ($50k by Dec 2021) in the C-line in order to invite future self wisdom? 🙂 I could maybe use it to figure out what would the person who had already achieved that goal (my current R ) Think, Feel, Do.
That way, my future self model would look something like this:

C: 1st of December 2021. I’ve earned $50k as a Coach in one year’s time.
T: I can do anything I set my mind to!
F: Determination
A: Set new money goal. Take massive action towards it …take other actions I don’t know about now 😀
R: Set goal achieved?

I was wondering is this a potential way to create IM and could it be helpful for achieving our impossible goals, or am I complicating things too much? 🙂 And also, are these models done correctly?

Thanks a bunch! 🙂