Future Self Talk

Hi Brooke,
I loved the podcast from yesterday on talking from your future self. Last night I went through a journal from two years ago – talking about marrying a teammate, not drinking alcohol, losing 30lbs, owning my own business, and being 100% debt-free. These are all TRUE today – AMAZING!
Currently, Jake and I are working full time on our business, he already quit teaching after 20 years, the clock has started to tick, we have a year to make it happen (probably a little fear driven thought). We’ve been working on a fitness app called Fit-Bar. This app is taking more time than expected, so we’ve been thinking of NEW ways to add value to earn money. We started putting on fitness and social classes – have earned little money this past month. Our future self is earning $1 million a year but right now we feel confused on the how. Which you stated so clearly is ok. Can you check our thought model to make sure we are not having thought errors PREVENTING us from moving forward.

C: Our business currently earns $0 in revenue
T: We are unsure how we will earn the majority of our money
F: Confused
A: Inaction
R: Confirm thought

C: Our business is earning $0 revenue
T: We are committed to providing massive value to as many people as possible
F: Determined
A: Plan and set goals
R: Find solutions

Thanks so much Brooke.