Future self work

I’m doing a lot of work around should-ing on myself.

I’ve created awareness over how I think I should have been different in the past, and how I should be different in the present. But I’m noticing some thoughts about my future self as well.

I’m wondering what are more effective ways to think about my future self. Sometimes I judge myself in the present and past, and then create a future version of me who “should” be or do xyz.

For example: I want specific strength gains in the gym. I can see ways I’ve gotten there in the past, which is great. I’m learning to let go of judgment for when I didn’t show up in the gym the way I wanted. I’m learning to let go of my judgement on my present self for not having the result I want. But then I feel like I’m heaping up expectations for my future self.  “You better take care of this, or else there’s going to be a lot of judgment against you!”

It pops up in work too. I didn’t perform the way I wanted. I tend to fail ahead of time by procrastinating or not taking risks. And I don’t trust my future self to take care of me.

I’m wondering how to approach this.