Future Self


I have lost 85# since May 2017, I have 70# to go to my goal of 150#. I have pretty much been 218-222# since just before Thanksgiving. I am maintaining easily without much effort or brain power. I started trying to dig into why I stopped losing and realized that my brain (and consequently my body) think I am done! This is the lowest weight I have been since I was a teenager, I am now 47. I am in much smaller clothes, I feel better and am more active. In general, I am comfortable. So much more comfortable than I was when I was over 300#. I think my brain is like great, we arrived. This is the end. And I have been subconsciously choosing to be happy here, thrilled even.

I went back and did the work again on my why I want to lose the remaining pounds and what my compelling reason for doing that is and I did the 10 minutes coaching session to help me figure some things out. I believe that my reasons for wanting to be 150# are different than my reasons for wanting to be 220# and I also have started working on getting laser focused on my new compelling reason. The thing that I am struggling with is connecting with my future self, recognizing what she will be like, picturing how life will be at 150#. I think I am using my view from the past to imagine what she will be like and am having a hard time figuring out how to get a solid vision of her going forward. Looking for suggestions.