Fx@#! It!

Over the past two years every time I think about my business offering I feel frustrated, overwhelmed and stuck. I want to run away from the discomfort. The times I have taken a step back were very peaceful. I know the business is not causing me stress it is my thoughts about the business. For example the last few days I have been working on new things and I feel like I am barely moving forward because there are some new technology pieces that I need to learn or something does not work. I thrive on completing tasks and there is no sense of satisfaction for me. Self doubt keeps coming up and my brain just says “F- It!” I don’t need this. The toddler has emerged and I don’t know how to calm it down. I feel like I am in a bad spiral down.

C: business
T: f X@# it!
F: anxiety
A: buffer, don’t focus on the task at hand, text, workout, run errands, scroll social media
R: not moving forward in my business

C: business
T: i’m working on this
F: calmer
A: focus on tasks for work one at a time as to not get overwhelmed. Celebrate the work that I have gotten done.
R: move forward with my business.

You coaches are awesome, so happy to have you!