Gained 3 pounds in a week

I’d like some help with this model. I am getting tripped up on the C Line because it falls under the same umbrella (weight loss) but the facts are different. These two different circumstances make sense to me because I am processing one C (gaining 3 pounds in a week) and then looking at how I intentionally want to move forward. It’s like I see what my current state is (gaining three pounds), I have the data, but I don’t care to keep going over it in my head why (I gained 3 pounds). I want to move forward and get back to being fat adapted. This can happen fast and I feel so much better with no sugar and no flour. It isn’t that I am in a hurry to loose weight. It’s more that I like how I feel when I eat on protocol. Does this make sense to have two different C lines (because they are different models) within the same umbrella or theme (weight loss)?

C: I gained 3 pounds in a week
T: Oh well, this is part of the journey.
F: Critical
A: write a thought download, step on scale and see the data, write protocol and stick to it, allow urges, give myself time and space to be, continue to love my body and mind.
R: I allow myself to process this part of the weight loss journey.

C: Fat adapted to fuel body
T: I am back on track.
F: Committed
A: Focus on foods that will fuel my body, like fat and protein, throw out the sweet bread on the counter, write a daily food protocol, 30 min cardio 3 times a week, daily kundalini practice, allow myself time to get back in the swing of things.
R: I am back to eating foods to fuel my body.