Gaining weight on protocol

Hi coaches, it’s now 10 days since I’ve set a protocol (following Brooke’s overeating masterclass). I’ve had success so far in following it and in the first week I lost 400 gr. Which was good. However, in the last 2-3 days, I’ve noticed in my daily weighing I’m actually gaining weight. Today I was 300 gr up, and the day before that 500 gr up!

This was not on days with exceptions or joy eating, just normal days where I followed my plan. I suspect there might be 2 reasons: 1) bigger quantities. (these 2 days my quantities for lunch and dinner were too big, in bowls rather than plates to fit loads of vegetables, and with too much protein & fat too) 2) in the mornings I fast but do have black coffee – to which I’ve added in my protocol semi skimmed milk. Might that be something to tweak?

I am generally very happy so far with what I’m eating but these 2 things are what I identified. I obviously don’t want to keep gaining weight until next friday (fridays are when I review my week including my protocol). What do you advise?