Hi coaches,

Recently I’ve downloaded a few games to play on my phone while I’m watching tv or waiting for someone/something.
They have in-app-purchases for you to get further along in the game, and last week I started buying things, lives or gems, in the games to almost $300! I’ve never been interested in spending money in games before this past week.
As soon as the rush of spending and playing is done, the purchases have run out, I feel shame and guilt. I’m embarrassed that I’m spending money on games such as these.
I feel as though I’m spiraling out of control a bit.

C: Spending money in games
T: What the f@#k are you doing?
F: Shame
A: Think I should delete games and how ridiculous I’m being, behave obsessively
R: Keep playing games, spend more money, perpetuate the cycle

I think because it’s such a new thing I’m freaking out as to where it came from, but have had these hibernating thoughts and feelings before where I’d stay in the house or bed all day and not feel as though I could face the outside world.

Please help, I want to stop this feeling before it manifests into another behaviour.

Thank you