Gangbuster to Meh?

Hi there, I have been with SCS for two months; started listening to the Podcast mid-March. I believe in this work and know it has the potential to be life-changing (I have already experienced the effect this work has had on my life). I started out gangbusters, not buffering with food for almost 2 weeks with ease, changed my paradigm about work, and even started thinking crazy big thoughts about what I might be able to create in my life … then April’s work totally freaked me out. I got so overwhelmed and started to feel apathetic and even depressed about the work in SCS. I know this is my subconscious lizard brain trying to keep me safe. I need to recalibrate. I want to dig back in and not loose too much ground, because again, I believe in this work. where can I pick up from and start fresh? what is going on with me …?