I have been attempting to do a gardening project with a local non-profit I’m already involved with. The person in charge has a brain injury. Sometimes it can be tough to tell if he is forgetful because of that or just uninterested. I think he gives mixed signals. Anyway, yesterday he, his girlfriend and I planned on working on a prototype today that was highly dependent on Scot since we wanted to cut metal which I don’t have the tools for or care to learn about on my own (I had proposed buying large clay pots and either getting it paid for through a grant or the non-profit paying for it. He said he didn’t want a grant because it required effort from him like would need to get a letter from landlord). I had texted the two of them asking for a time (working on planning my days!) she responded 3. At 3, she sends me a text saying they are running late and might need to reschedule altogether. I was almost there at this point. I called her and asked if they were coming or if I should turn around and go home. It turns out she hadn’t coordinated with anyone, couldn’t come and I turned around and went home. I was super annoyed. I did a thought model and then tried to change my thinking because I felt so down about the whole thing. Could you provide feedback on how I did?

C cancelled prototype plans at last minute
T they are being rude
F Pissed off
A Plan on ignoring them
R plant thing doesn’t happen with me

C cancelled prototype plans at last minute
T they don’t really want to do this with me, even though they said they do
F sad. Disappointed
A disengage. Take a nap.
R plant thing doesn’t happen with me

C cancelled prototype plans at last minute
T it isn’t a priority for them to do this with me, but they might still want to see it happen
F disappointed but hopeful
A in about a week see if he would like to pay for the pots and then I will manage the project and he doesn’t need to be involved.
R plant thing might happen- either with me or with him going the metal route on his own.