Gender Roles/Money #3

Hi Brooke,
Thanks for responding to previous questions. As you suggested I inserted ‘I made 100K as an Artist Facilitator etc………….My brain went into overdrive with advice like
‘Well that is ridiculous’
‘No Artist I know makes that amount of money’.
‘I cant allow money to drive my work’
‘Work with substance cant be money driven’
‘If I focus on money the integrity of my work will suffer’
I wrote pages of bridging thoughts.
With the help of my future self I came up with ‘You have to understand Marianne that you do not have to change who you are as an artist, or your approach to your work. All you have to do is be open to a new belief about money.’

I decided I do not want to enter the how through massive action in finding the steps. It is too big and there isn’t even a prototype in my past. Rather if I do massive action about being open to changing my current belief about being ‘incapable of making my own money’ this might lead to unknown possibilities.
What do you think?