How to generate the emotion I’m wanting

Hi Brooke, i love doing the work in this months book, however when it comes to “how can you generate this emotion for yourself today”, I’m having a struggle. I love the concept you used of how an actor steps into their role and thinking about how you will need to feel. It’s a concept I use regularly in my life for various activities I’m not completely comfortable with. I’ll think of someone I admire that does this thing well and sort of ‘what would so and so do in this situation’. That has helped me through many new things until I gain confidence as I do the new thing consistently. Right now I’m in a phase of my ‘big goal’ for the year that is a real push to get it done time. It’s requires me to generate the emotions of motivation, focus and drive, however when it comes to that last question on how I’m going to generate that emotion, I’m feeling a bit stuck. Other than throwing on my work clothes and rolling up my sleeves and getting at it promptly, (all things to do, but don’t necessarily make me ‘feel’ motivated) im struggling on ideas for generating that ‘motivated’ feeling. Perhaps I’m indulging in confusion. I would really appreciate any tips you might have for me. Thanks so much!