Generating more money

I’m trying to create more money in my life. I have nearly $50,000 in student loan debt and about $5000 in assets. I want to pay off my debt and save money to invest in future projects that are more aligned with dreams and to create more possibility for myself. I’ve never made more than $13,000 in a year, and I’ve almost always worked jobs that I don’t like or are very physically demanding. I know this is a belief I inheirited from my parents, who both worked soulless jobs just for money, were constantly in consumer debt for things they didn’t need, and never pursued dreams.

I’ve written out thought downloads but feel pretty overwhelmed. There’s a lot of thoughts there and I don’t know which ones are directly to blame for my financial reality. I want to have more than enough money for the first time in my life, and generate money doing something I really enjoy. It feels impossible – perhaps it’s my impossible goal. Help!