Generosity & Philanthropy/Entitlement & Investing

I’m a financial planner and I’m passionate about connecting these worlds. Most of my clients are women who want to align their investments and gifting with their values. I’m bumping up against two big concepts (entitlement and generosity) I’ve heard you talk about and I’m trying to make sense of them in my professional context.

I love your definition of Generosity (“…and expecting nothing in return”). I don’t see this playing out in how some of my clients think about giving. How can I encourage my clients to recognize their expectations as donors/funders (metrics, reports, stories, swag, cred or bragging rights) and work towards giving from a cleaner place?

My company also attracts clients who want to invest “responsibly.” They usually come with layered beliefs about Wall Street, capitalism, doing good and doing well. Your concept of Entitlement has been occurring to me in this context.
On the one hand, prospective clients seek out investing with us because they want to support companies who more holistically balance profit, purpose, planet and people. They want to feel good and congruent about where they are putting their money.
And on the other hand, when they’re thinking about the decision they made to invest they feel entitled to get the absolute highest return for their money they invested. They say they value this type of investing, but they measure it’s worth/value/effectiveness by the old traditional methods.

How can I bring more clarity and insight into what is happening here, to help walk clients through this form of entitlement?