Hi Brooke, this may seem an odd topic but I could really use your help understanding why it causes me so much heartache. My siblings and I have very different attitudes around sickness and hygiene. My manual says “if you have a fever or are clearly unwell you should make efforts to avoid public gatherings and take hygiene precautions like washing hands”. Their manual for me, I think, is something like “you shouldn’t be so uptight”. Repeatedly one of them has come over to our house sick or invited us over when one of them is clearly sick and contagious. Several times my youngest child has ended up very sick after picking up a virus from her cousins. I’m more cautious because my kids are underweight and less resilient than their sturdy cousins who bounce back easily. Yesterday we went to a dinner at a cafe and my relatives bought their child who had a high fever and stomach upset. For me that felt totally unacceptable – for all the guests!. It’s always my kids that suffer so I get really upset around this. I accept we are simply different in our attitudes but I come away feeling very victim-y – my family often end up unnecessarily sick, plus if I try to speak out or keep my kids away I’m left feeling resentful that they imply I’m uptight and unreasonable. I’m left feeling I’d rather avoid family gatherings entirely but that’s not really what I want. Any thoughts how I could approach this differently and feel more in control?