Get me out of this loop!

I need to make some decisions but all the options seem terrible. So I’m stuck. I know I need to see my options differently because surely there is opportunity somewhere but my brain is certain my current thinking is “right.”

Example: First grade is virtual. Virtual school does not work for my son or me. I should withdraw my son from school and just hire a babysitter to play with him while I work. But kids have to go to school.

Example: Public schools in Oregon suck. I can’t send my son to a school that sucks. My son is enrolled in the best private school in Portland. I can’t afford the private school. I should withdraw him and put him in public school. But I can’t because they suck.

Example: If I make any decisions about my son’s school, I have to involve my son’s dad. He makes everything difficult and about him. I would rather gauge my eyes out than talk to him. I can’t change schools.