Get more specific?

My impossible goal is to have 20 clients by the end of the year and I’m enrolled in coach training 2019. I originally made my 25 fails things that I wanted to before coach training (go through the SOE/SOD course, self coaching, get my home office together, write 20 blog posts), and the rest of the actions I listed were things that would push me out of my comfort zone. I like that result for sure, but the actions were all kind of random. For example, having a decluttered and organized house, weighing 15 lbs less, reading 10 books, going without social media or TV for 2 whole weeks. These are all actions I don’t take right now because of buffering, avoidance, and escaping. Making these my fails this quarter would give me a lot of results like: accepted discomfort and took massive action. I wanted to bring this to Ask Brooke to see if this is a good idea or if I should get much more specific to my impossible goal of getting my first 20 paying clients. Thanks!